5 Best Email Clients for Windows Computer

Email clients have become such an important part of applications for the majority of individuals on a daily basis that it’s so vital that you get one which organizes your emails well also gives the right functionality. There really are a lot available on the current market, with some just being too pricey and others simply not providing the functionality. This listing will provide you with 5 best email clients for windows PC that I think will be the best out there. In this list We’ll go into the best email clients for Windows right now so That You can Find a better idea of exactly what’s out there and choose the right one for your need.

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eM Client

One of the best clients available today, this program has an extremely Clean interface and really organizes your emails in a means which is reasonable. It has both a free and paid version, together with the free offering as much as two email accounts which can be used seamlessly together with the accounts tool, and more accounts being available when you upgrade to the complete edition. EM client also provides excellent integration with popular email solutions like Gmail, letting you replicate your lists and calendar to the program for later usage.

Concerning speed it actually shows no downtime Whatsoever and opens and closes Quicker than most. Possibly the best thing about this client is that on the surface it just gives a straight-forward experience where everything is shown for you in a simple format. If you are into a No Frills experience then this customer might just be the one for you.


This is the popular email client Made by the Exact Same firm Which Makes the Firefox browser. This program Is Totally free and provides great performance Given that reality. It can also handle multiple email accounts from the POP and IMAP setups and also has a plugin system that Permits You to install many extra Features that other users have created for the benefit of this community. To get a Free option you can’t get much better.

Microsoft Outlook

The standard email program that comes with Microsoft and also a Good option for What it is worth. It gives a clean user interface and a logical folder arrangement in addition to the ability to add multiple email accounts from a wide range of areas. Being Microsoft’s own email client it offers ideal integration with all Hotmail accounts with matters such as the phonebook and more.


A relatively new client that goes for the consumer that prefers a clean, contemporary Design and a simplistic yet effective interface. This client looks great and actually indicates an email client does not have to use a boring design to find the task finished. Concerning functionality it provides many of the same characteristics as similar customers and is quite responsive which we like.

Now you have the ability to include All the common email clients in Addition to add Customized emails if you understand the details like server name and port. This allows users to add a Selection of market email options that some customers simply won’t allow you to use which Is Excellent.


Last but not least we’ve Mailbird, yet another superbly designed client that The user interface is intuitive for this particular client and permits you to put in plenty of email providers such as the common ones like Gmail and Hotmail in addition to those a bit more vague. It packs a lot of features and can also be completely free which makes it another very good selection for a email client. It had been rated by PCWorld since the very best free client for Windows in 2013 therefore that we Can Be Certain that many users will find something that they enjoy from this client.

Overall we found that these clients were the ones that stood out and created a Lasting impression. In the Long Run it is going to return to what you Prefer and the functionality you’re searching for. It could be such an important Part of our everyday life so it is worth it to get something that does what you need it to! Well