How to Fix ”Err_Connection_Reset” Very Easy on Windows

Google chrome connection errors are very common today. They’re extremely Frustrating as well as frequent which seriously hurt the user experience. Err_Connection_Reset is among the most common ones I have encountered several times recently. After stumbling upon a few methods I was eventually able to fix the error permanently. As there is not merely one tweak that can fix link errors that is why I’ve recorded the best fixes. Have a look at the most possible fixes given below to troubleshoot the (Error 101) ‘Err Connection Reset’ mistake on google chrome in windows 7/8 computer.

Err Connection Reset Error Message

How to Fix ”Err_connection_reset” on Windows

Fix 1: Change Proxy Settings

This is the most effective solution yet which worked for me just fine. In this part we will make sure your computer is not configured to use proxy server.

Go to ‘Control Panel‘ then click on ‘Internet Options‘ while icon view is selected.

Internet Options Window

Windows 8 users can access control panel by clicking settings from charms bar. Once the internet options window is open select ‘Connections‘ tab and then click on LAN Settings.

Connections and LAN Settings

In the new window deselect / un-check ‘Use a Proxy Server for Your LAN‘ check box if it’s selected. Close the window after clicking OK.

Proxy Settings

Notice: If you notice that the’Use a Proxy Server for Your LAN’ test box is non-clickable then likely your pc is infected by malware. Download malwarebytes free malware removal tool, install it and run a full scan to detect and remove malware. If malwarebytes can’t detect the malware then you can attempt some other free malware removal tools.

Fix 2: IP Reset

This is another fix that allegedly worked for many individuals. Proceed by typing Command Prompt in the search box of the Start Menu. Now right click on it and click ‘Run as Administrator’. Now, in the command prompt window type in or just copy and paste the command line given below and hit enter.

netsh winsock reset catalog

Winsock Reset

Restart your computer and then check if you are still getting the Err_Connection_Reset error.

Fix 3: Disable Firewall/Antivirus

Now this is a risky method because once you disable your anti virus or Firewall Software your computer gets vulnerable. So do this with care and at your Personal risk. Disable your antivirus software or disable it and check if you Are getting the error. Also check your firewall settings to Be Sure you are Not obstructing the website or the browser which you are using.

Fix 4: Clean Registry

A member from makeuseof forum mentioned that he was able to Eliminate the problem by cleaning the registry. For the job you’ll be able to use a free registry cleaner such as ccleaner. Download Ccleaner and then install it on your system. After that restart your pc and also check on the website.

Fix 5: Power Cycle

Sometimes power cycling your router may Fix the system mistake You’re getting. Unplug the router in the power source and do not plug it back in for at least 5 minutes. This way any remaining charge will be released and the memory will be removed. Then turn off your pc and do the same.

Plug the router and computer back into the power source and wait until the router fully starts.

Fix 6: Call Your ISP

Now Once You’ve tried everything provided above and nothing else worked then you Need to call your ISP and let them know about the mistake. Ask them to assess if your destination site is blocked by their firewall.

The repairs given above will allow you to Fix ”Err_Connection_Reset”. It it Still exist please comment below with all of the repairs which you have Applied and that I will attempt to help.