How to Fix ‘Err Network Changed’ Error in Windows

Broadband users usually confront countless number of community errors on a routine Foundation such as myself. But the great thing is there are alternatives to the majority of these issues. Therefore, if you’re continuously getting this ‘Err Network Changed’ mistake in your own Chrome browser in Windows 8 or 7 like me then here are a few options for you. Follow to simple fixes provided below how to get rid of Err Network Changed error once and for all. The Best ones are cited and the least successful ones are afterwards.

Err Network Changed Error

# Fix Number 1 – LAN Settings

Windows 7 and XP users click the ‘Start’ menu from task bar and then click Control Panel. Windows 8 users can access the Control Panel from Charms bar or simply by clicking ‘Windows Key + ‘X’ button then click ‘Control Panel’. Now beneath the icon view click ‘Internet Options’. You can change the view mode of the control panel by click on ‘View by:’ from top right corner.

Internet Options

After opening the ‘Internet Options’ window select ‘Connections’ tab from the top and then click on ‘Lan Settings’ at the bottom.

Lan Settings

Afterwards another window will appear. From there uncheck the box that says ‘Automatically Detect Settings’ and then click OK.

Disabling Automatically Detected Settings

Now try browsing the websites that were giving the error and see if it has been solved. If not then move to fix number 2.

# Fix Number 2 – Router Power Cycling

This is a rather simple fix. Just turn off your router (unplug from power supply ) And make it like this for five or more minutes. After that plug it back in, turn it on and wait until it’s fully turned on and the lights start flashing. Then try to surf the internet.

Power Cycling Router

# Fix Number 3 – Troubleshooting The Browser

The problem might be related to the browser that you are using. So you have to try clearing the browsing data and also re-installing the browser if needed.

  • Clearing Data in Chrome — In order to clear the cookies and cache in your Google chrome browser, click on the ‘Customize and Control’ button at the upper corner of the ideal side and then click Settings. Afterwards, scroll down and click ‘Show Advanced Settings’. Beneath the solitude section click on Clear Browsing Data. In the new window check the box that says Cookies and other website and Plugin Data also check Cached Images and Documents then click on Clear browsing data.
  • Clearing Data from Firefox — It is rather simple to clear the cache and cookies in Mozilla Firefox, simply click on History in the menu bar then click history. After that click on information. Assess Cookies and Cache out there and click on Clear today.

If clearing browsing data doesn’t fix the problem the try re-installing the browser that you use.

# Fix Number 4 – Flushing DNS

To flush the DNS cache hit the ‘Start’ button and type in ‘cmd’ in search box. You will notice ‘cmd.exe’ on top, right click on it then click ‘Run as Administrator’. Windows 8 users can utilize the Start Screen look to find command prompt.

Flushing DNS to Fix Network Error

Now in the command prompt window type in ipconfig /flushdns and then hit Enter. If you have done it right you will see a success message like the image above.

# Fix Number 5 – Resetting TCP/IP

Open command prompt again like the way you did in Repair 4. Now type From netsh int ip reset and hit Enter button from the keyboard. This will reset your computers IP settings to the default which could fix the browsing issue.

The above methods are Thought of as Helpful for most people with the same problem. However, your situation may vary and you will still get the error after doing everything. In that situation I shall encourage you to comment below along with your own body Details and I’ll try my very best to help.